Roland Majeau Photo closeup

If This Ford Could Talk

It's OK to Drive a Truck or SUV

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For a dozen or more years I've driven a Ford Explorer or an F150. I also drove a Ford Ranger for a short while, but could only carry one passenger and not much else.

The popular trend right now is to criticize those of us who drive larger vehicles, and to accuse us of doing great damage to our environment. All we're really doing is going to work, hauling lumber, tools, sound equipment, furniture, dirt, trees, garbage, appliances, concrete steps, bricks, carpet.... and the list goes on.

When we're not hauling material and equipment, we're taking our kids and others to youth group, cubs and scouts, band practice, football, soccer, hockey, baseball, concerts, churches, weddings, funerals, lunches, to the cabin, to the lake, to the movies.... and on and on.

We do this for ourselves, for our families, friends and sometimes strangers. This is my tribute to the pick up truck and SUV, North American work horses.

"If this Ford could Talk" is a free download paid for with the money I made by using my pick ups and SUVs. Enjoy.

(song © and published, 2003)